It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Yesterday I got to see Owl for the first time in months. I showed off wedding pictures and video, she showed off BCT pictures and video, we made her hair a gorgeous henna red, and I am still trying to get orange out of my fingernails. All told, it was a wonderful day and I was sad I had to go to work. We still have a date to finish Return of the King, and are going to try to find time for it over HBL, since depending on orders, she might not get to come back after AIT is done. Obviously I am selfish and hoping I get to see her, regardless, but, I’ll take what I can. 😉 A lot of time was spent on Pinterest, too.

Which makes me really want to do a meal plan for each week, but I’m not certain that is a… feasible plan… at the moment. Coding is a little more important to me at this point. 😉

I am looking forward to seeing Schwägerin, but, more on that will come *after* Christmas.

Last night, Hiro and I put together the gingerbread houses from the Wilton Gingerbread Village kit. Remind me to NOT do a kit next year – I did the Wonka one last year, and this one this year, and each time the houses are built on rage. Not a good look for the peace and joy of Yuletide. We let them dry overnight, so, this afternoon/evening we will be decorating them.

I have thrown laundry in, but, more importantly, wrapped all the presents, and stuffed Hiro’s stocking. I don’t have to do anything for Christmas dinner until tomorrow, but, I am looking forward to it, at any rate.

More importantly, I’m trying to decide if I want to utilize Rapunzel’s bath bomb, or play Dragon Age.


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