Hello, 2015

Well, Owl and I will be announcing something shortly, and I’m suuuuper excited.

This year is off to a slightly rocky start, but, I’m hoping things get better soon. Once my car is paid off (this month!!!!), things should be a little better. Work is rough as far as paychecks go, which sucks, because it’s perfect as far as scheduling for school goes. Agh.

My short-term class starts tomorrow: Wilderness in the Modern World. I’m really excited and looking forward to it, but, I’m suspecting it will be ridiculous amounts of work. Whilst I’m at school, I’ll be making use of their printer and printing off some organizational tools. I intend to start to get things in order this year. Don’t laugh.

My coding is going pretty well. I completed my HTML & CSS beginner class, and now I’m working on JavaScript. It really changes how I view everything, because every time I use/look at a website, I’m thinking about all of the programming behind it. So crazy!

And, also in exciting news, Naiad is coming to see me in February and I absolutely cannot wait. It’s gonna be awesome!

Making progress in DragonAge. I’m about to go try and spring Anora from the Arl of Denerim’s estate. I’m clinging desperately to my romance with Alistair because deep down I’m worried they won’t let it last. Racist bastards. I guess Zevran will give me a pity fuck in the worst case scenario…


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