A Moment to Breathe

In the midst of learning wilderness survival (yay for short term classes!), working, gaming, learning to code, and keeping house (and fighting illness), I am doing something special this year for each of the sabbats from the Wheel of the Year.

Stitching and crafting take time, but they soothe the soul. And The Primitive Hare has the perfect soup for the sabbat soul: free stitching patterns for each sabbat! More importantly, however, I will be working with my dear friend Owl on these in a joint project. The miles may separate us, but, we can still craft together!

She has the hard part (maybe?)–counting and sewing the actual stitches! When she is finished, she will be sending the pieces to me, and I will craft them into something wonderful (she said modestly).

I plan on turning them into little ornaments of some sort–I’m still deciding what kind of ornaments they will be, and The Primitive Hare has no shortage of ideas. I rather love the idea of a little sabbat tree – one that can be decorated for each sabbat, rather than only taken out and set on a table for Christmas. In my dream life, these ornaments would be placed on the tree to declare the sabbat, with little ornaments representing the sabbat scattered about.

In lieu of that, I will at least make the ornaments and pour all the love and Reiki I can into them. Stay tuned for progress reports. And, as Owl is still finishing the first one, I have time to make up my mind as to what I want to do.

The first sabbat of the calendar year is Imbolc on February 2. This is a day dedicated to the returning light, whispers of spring, and the passing of winter. And, whilst I may not have snow where I am, I am definitely over the dreariness that is the currently bleak and dismal outdoors. (It did snow briefly up on the mountain when Owl was still here and we invaded the zoo whilst it was closed and it was awesome. It also snowed briefly on my overnight trip for my wilderness survival course up in the mountains of Catawba.)

In the meantime… off to encourage my creative juices!


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