I’ve been feeling kind of crappy lately, so, life has been dragging. I haven’t been accomplishing nearly as much as I want to be, but, I suppose taking it slow is sometimes okay. I’m eating better, for the most part, at any rate.

I finished short term, and am still trying to convince myself January is over. I learned a lot, from actual wilderness survival skills, to applying them to real life. In ways that boggle my mind at times. My fire making skills are much improved, though.

Yesterday we celebrated Imbolc/Disting with the Norse celebration of the Charming of the Plow. We blessed some trowels and other tools, including my sewing machine, for the year ahead. I had great plans for a garden this year, but, other circumstances (namely Spawn) decided to take precedence, and I know which battles to fight. Gardening whilst 7 months pregnant is not one of them. Even so, I have a little basil plant and I can put it in a pot, so, that’s *something* at least. I will need to replace my aloe plant — poor thing got frostbite. 😦

Last semester of my junior year starts on Wednesday… it’s been yeeeeaaars in the making, but, I’m glad to be almost there.

There’s a lot I’m thinking, but, I’m not quite ready to put to paper yet. So, there you have it. I’ll write more about gaming and art stuff soon, though!


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