Hello, World

I haven’t posted in forever. It’s been awhile. A lot has happened. A lot is happening. I’m still trying to figure everything out.

Apparently I last posted in February? Damn.

To sum up, I finished the semester, made Dean’s List, had a birthday, had my first anniversary, finished Dragon Age: Origins, started a second play-through (as a human, so I can be queen), went to a religious retreat, still haven’t finished that cross-stitch piece, and had my best friend/sister move to Korea.

As for right now, I’m in the middle of the costume design for CABARET, still pregnant, and trying to maintain a semblance of order in my life. I’m a little more successful with the first two. Oh, and I started playing SW:TOR since I’m slightly grumpy with Turbine/LOTR:O right now.

July is half over, practically, and most of my time will be taken up with CABARET, and that’s okay.

I think, though, that for August, I will really try to focus on doing at least 15 minutes of coding, at least 15 minutes of Irish, and at least 15 minutes of writing a day. It’s not a lot, it’s very bite-size. I’ll also be very pregnant.

I need to get back into the self-care routine. Time to light some candles… and time to decide what I’m going to do…


4 thoughts on “Hello, World

    1. Since I’m not subscribing anymore, apparently I only have access to the epic quest-line, Moria, Mirkwood, Isengard, and Rohan, because I paid for the expansions. But North Downs, Misty Mountains, Forochel, Angmar, etc., you have to spend TP on if you want to use.


  1. Exactly! Which is why I’m pissed. I’m like, I bought the damn Shadows of Angmar game, I feel like it should at least include everything up to Angmar?? Anyway, yeah. Like I said, I’m slightly grumpy. So, I’ve been playing The Old Republic.


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